Outpost Outlook

A crumbling structure on the border between Cariele and Markazor, the tower was the protagonists home…or prison…for over 2 years

Oakhearth Village

A small hamlet typical of the forgotten people of the province of Mountainsedge, Oakhearth was destroyed by a roaming squad of undead, with its' survivors joining the protagonists

Mossfall Hold

A newly fortified keep – looking to have sprung up overnight – surrounded by a palisade of wood and the ruins of a shanty town, it is the seat of Eisar Mossfall's forces.  Bolstered by support conjured from Cairlinien, it has ransacked the countryside for all the supplies and able-bodied individuals it could find to wait out the winter and the undead menace

The Eventide

A long-forgotten relic of the last march of the Anuirean Empire, Evening's Tide was founded during Emperor Michael Roele's campaign against the Gorgon 500 years ago.  Long abandoned due to it's location near Markazor and Tuarhievel, the outpost is a reminder of faded glories and lingering mysteries

Elvenspite Manor

A manor house of a faded noble family from Cairlinien, the last scion was rumored to have died a decade ago as the result of his proclivities and extreme hatred of the Elvish people.  When it was visited for supplies, it held macabre sights and terrible secrets beneath a veneer of civility and noblesse oblige.


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