Mists of Cariele

Game 7: Best Available Options

After being rescued by Lord Malec Elvenspite, Strogar and Rand were teleported to a revised and reformed Elvenspite Manor whilst Orvo marched back with an escort of undead soldiers.

At the manor, Rand and Strogar engaged with Malec and his priestly advisor Derak of Seasedge and had a nice meal from an ever-filling banquet table and flagons of Dwarven ale.  After the meal, they proceeded to head to sleep.  Orvo marched until the early morning hours before succumbing to exhaustion, and being awoken at Elvenspite Manor being attended by a priest.

Delivering their news to Lord Elvenspite - a sealed letter from Pavon, and word of the human druids battling the elven contingent – they spent a day walking amongst a renovated Elvenspite Manor.  Strogar tried and failed to investigate the Iron Maiden in the dungeon room, Orvo explored the house, and Rand explored the grounds and the solarium.  They met up and shared what they found: the undead were organized and showing signs of tactics, the grounds around the manor house resembling spring conditions, and the house was heavily enchanted.  Both Rand and Strogar also came to a separate conclusion: the bearer of Elvenspite's signet rings were able to bypass the traps in the house and wards on the doors.

Armed with a letter to give to Pavon and another letter to give to Jem Greenleaf, Malec teleported them to the edge of the town, near the river, and set a meeting in 2 days at midnight.

The protagonists set about their duties in town to mixed effect.  After meeting with Pavon and learning some of Malec's terms – fealty to him and desecration of the Haelynite Catacombs – they disbursed to the city.  Orvo met with Wickham and informed him of Lord Elvenspite's existence and the state of his men, with Wickham asking probing questions about Malec's intentions and worth as a Lord.  Rand delivered the letter to Jem, causing her to experience intense grief and cause Sigur to threaten to kill him.  Strogar began working with Adom on tunnelling from the town hall to the Catacombs to sneak out bodies without the Haelynites knowing.  At the appointed hour, they gathered Pavon's response and left to meet with Malec.

Upon meeting with Malec and exchanging Pavon's response, they were ambushed by a party of Elven and Halfling druids led by Sigur.  The tide was in the favor of the Elven contingent until the arrival of Wickham and his soldiers, who sided with the protagonists and Elvenspite.  Sigur fell in combat and was immolated by the halfing druids before they transformed into ravens and fled, and 3 of the 4 elven druids were slain.  

As the party regrouped, introductions were made with Wickham and his men swearing allegience to Lord Elvenspite in his quest to rid the land of the Elven menace, and a pyre was made for the Elven Druids at Wickham and Orvo's request.


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