A soldier from the Crown




A knight from Cairlinien, he was sent with a group of 25 soldiers from the capital city of Cairlinien to investigate rumors of a group of elves hunting humans – the Great Hunt, as the Elves call it.

After a series of ambushes from undead and some mysteriously strong and aggressive animals, his force was reduced down to just himself and 4 individuals. After meeting up with Orvo and fending off a force of undead, Wickham led his soldiers to Eventide.

With Pavon’s reluctant blessing, the soldiers have taken up residence in Eventide, apparently unaware of the King’s backing of Eisar Mossfall as Lord of the Mountainsedge province.

He showcased his allegiance to Eventide by infiltrating Elvenspite Manor and rescuing Jem Greenleaf and her mother with Strogar’s assistance.

He is currently serving as a member of Pavon’s inner circle.


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