Sigur Greenleaf

The Woodsman


A middle aged half elf male, he served as the village woodsman/carpenter while his wife Jem served as the wise woman.

He survived the siege of Oakhearth by barricading the tavern and making makeshift alchemical fire weapons to keep the undead at bay.

He followed his wife’s lead in joining the protaganists with the theory of strength in numbers. He donated 5 heavy crossbows to the party for their use.

After discovering the protagonists were working with the infamously anti-Elf Lord Malec Elvenspite, he led a group of Elven and Halfling Druids into an ambush of Elvenspite and the protagonists. The ambush failed, and he was slain by Wickham and his knights from Cariele.



Sigur Greenleaf

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