Centuries after the death of the last Emperor of Anuire, the great Michael Roele, at the hands of the abomination known as the Gorgon, the continent of Anuire has been fragmented into warring kingdoms all vying for the empty throne of a dead empire.

In this mix, a small group of individuals – but certainly not heroes – were conscripted by the Count of Cariele, Entier Gladanil, to bolster the border forces of Cariele against intrusion from the neighboring greater powers of Mhoried, Dhoesone, and Markazor.

As they reluctantly keep their vigil, a mist surrounds their province of Mountainsedge while the dead rise throughout the province, terrorizing the living and slowly reducing the province to a blighted ruins.

It is up to the motley band of adventurers and cast-offs to survive the mists, the undead, and the machinations of their fellow survivors.